January 25, 2009

Rise and Shine Album by Raffi

Rise and Shine Album by Raffi CoverThe Rise and Shine Album by Raffi has it's own unique "flavor" (if you will) that is distinct from his other albums.

You will find that while the music is of excellent quality (as is true with his other albums) - this album has a rather inspiring feeling to it that can help kids (and adults) to observe the beauty of the world and it's people in a special way.

There are a number of products that are associated just with the Rise and Shine by Raffi album including (of course) the music, video concert of Raffi live and some very fun "Raffi Songs to Read" books just for kids.

Rise and Shine by Raffi - the Music:

Colorful Musical Note
Many people's personal favorite of all the songs on this album is the title song, "Rise and Shine". It is a beautiful song that brings to mind the beauty of the world on a brand new day - with a new start.

Other songs on the album such as "Something in My Shoe", "Ducks Like Rain" are silly and extremely fun for kids to sing and dance to, while a song like, "Big Beautiful Planet" is just as fun but can get kids thinking about the planet and our environment.

Now - we can completely shift gears with this album and move into a sweet and soft style with "Nursery Rhyme Instrumental" and a sort of a lullaby version of "Row Row Row Your Boat".

There are 17 songs in all with the Rise and Shine Raffi album, all of them are fun and uniquely beautiful.

Raffi Rise and Shine Concert DVDRise and Shine by Raffi - Products:

The Rise and Shine Raffi album is readily available in two separate formats - MP3 downloads and on CD. There are also "Raffi Songs to Read" books for some of the songs on this album as well as a video (on various formats) of Raffi live with the Rise and Shine Band.

All of these products and some free samples of his music can be found below...

Rise and Shine by Raffi on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples:

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  • Click on any song to listen to a piece of it

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Rise and Shine by Raffi Products on Amazon:

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