January 25, 2009

Raffi One Light One Sun Album

Raffi One Light One Sun Album CoverRaffi One Light One Sun is a very special album that focuses on the idea of people from all over the world in terms of their similarities - as opposed to their differences.

Nice idea. =)

The music from Raffi One Light One Sun is beautifully performed and can really get kids to thinking about how special all people are in the world - as well as simply having a great time singing along and dancing to some of the "funnest" music for kids available.

Songs range from working to convey important messages to being silly and simple fun for kids and entire families.

Raffi One Light One Sun - the Music:
Musical Note and Compact Disk
The title song, "One Light One Sun" is one of the most lovely songs ever written for children. It truly focuses on how we all have many (important) things in common and how we are all beautiful. "Somewhere in the World" and "Like Me and You" are also very sweet songs that beautifully communicate this message, but in a slightly different way.

More songs on the Raffi One Light One Sun album such as "The Bowling Song", "Walking Song", "Apples and Bananas" and "Octopus's Garden" - are songs that are simple and fun to sing with - kids will be giggling, singing and generally having a great time.

"Riding in an Airplane" is a song that is all about what the world looks like when looking out the window of an airplane flying high above. (This can perhaps help to take the possible "scary" out of this as a new experience for children.)

There are 16 wonderful children's songs in all on the Raffi One Light One Sun album.
Raffi One Light One Sun Book Cover

Raffi One Light One Sun - Products

There are various formats for the music on the Raffi One Light One Sun album - all the songs are easily available on either CD or MP3 download format.

There is also a "Raffi Songs to Read" book that is a perfect compliment to the album that is beautifully illustrated and matches the "story" that goes along with the music.

Raffi One Light One Sun on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples / Download Music:

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