January 25, 2009

Bananaphone - Raffi Album

Bananaphone by Raffi album coverThe Bananaphone Raffi album is one of the most loved children's albums by Raffi - the title song, "Bananaphone" is cute, funny and silly. Kids love to sing and laugh right along with Raffi on this one - and if you're about to hear it for the first time you will soon understand why.

The entire Bananaphone Raffi album is a fun mix of music with various themes - there's silly and fun, spiritual, and educational - the variety of the music is as appealing as the songs themselves since it kind of keeps kids "on their toes" with the varying styles and ideas.

Bananaphone Raffi (like his other albums) is extremely high quality music that carries with it an underlying strong respect for children and communicates with them in a way that they love - as only Raffi can.

Bananaphone by Raffi - the Music:

As I mention above, the variety of songs in this album is one of the aspects that make it so delightful. "Bananaphone" is one of the most fun and silliest children's songs ever made, while songs such as "First Peoples" and "The World We Love" can help to instill an appreciation for the beauty of people and nature.

OK - now let's move into a "Polka" style with "The Schmenge Polka" song then we can slow waaaaaaaaaaay down with "Slow Day". Fun stuff!

(If you would like a taste of the sounds and styles of the music, you can use the mini "MP3" player below to check them out for yourself. Instructions are included to use the player.)

Are albums such as Bananphone by Raffi Important?

Raffi has a very very very special talent that I've seen with no other children's musical artist - he is able to communicate with children through his music with the utmost respect for little ones who are listening - that's likely due to the fact that he does respect children and in no way, shape or form "talks down" to them as less intelligent or worthwhile people than anyone else. Children (like adults) know when they are being communicated to in this way and it's not only appealing to them, it's captivating! =)

Couple the way Raffi communicates to children with some important messages about respect for life and the environment and - my answer to the question above is, "absolutely!" Bananaphone by Raffi - as is true with his other albums - is an excellent choice in music for children.

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