January 25, 2009

Raffi's Christmas Album

Raff's Christmas Album CoverRaffi's Christmas Album is a great music album for children and actually for entire families at Christmas-time.

One of the songs on the album (as is noted by it's cover) is "A Child's Gift of Love" and is a beautiful original Christmas song written by Raffi and may be one of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever written.

The entire album is filled with beautiful and fun music for Christmas, and is a perfect "favorite Holiday music" album for many families - especially families with small children.

Here you will find information about the music on Raffi's Christmas Album as well as being able to listen to free music samples and see other fun Christmas products by Raffi...

Raffi's Christmas Album - The Music:
Musical Notes
There is a nice mix of great Christmas music on this album - some of the songs are Raffi originals and some are performances of traditional songs that are made more beautiful in Raffi's very capable and talented hands.

"A Child's Gift of Love", "Every Little Wish" and "Douglas Mountain" are songs that could warm even the most callous of hearts while songs such as songs like "Must be Santa" will have kids tapping their feet and singing right along.

Some of the traditional Christmas music on the album includes the songs, "Frosty the Snowman", "Up on the House-Top" and "Jingle Bells".

There are 16 songs in all. (You can use the "MP3 player" to listen to music samples of all the songs - just below.)

Raffi Christmas Treasury BookRaffi's Christmas Album - Products:

All of the Raffi's Christmas Album music is available in either CD or MP3 format. (MP3's can be downloaded as singles, or optionally the entire album.)

There is also a very special Christmas book available, "Raffi Christmas Treasury" which contains lovely illustrations and the lyrics to many Christmas songs - as well as musical arrangements. (A great sing-together book at Christmas time.)

You can see various formats of the music and other products below on the page.

Raffi's Christmas Album on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples / Download Music:

  • Click the big arrow in the middle to start the player

  • Click on any song to listen to a piece of it

  • If you want to download any song, click on the link to the right of it to take you directly to Amazon MP3

Raffi's Christmas Album - Products on Amazon:

Instructions: Click the left and right arrows on the Carousel below to scroll through the various Raffi's Christmas Album music available right now on Amazon.com. Hover over any product for details, click on any single product for more info or to make a purchase.

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