January 25, 2009

Everything Grows by Raffi

Everything Grows Album by RaffiEverything Grows by Raffi is an album with some great basic learning and fun music for children.

As it seems with each of his albums, there is an underlying theme with Everything Grows by Raffi about how all life forms are interlinked - including people, plants and animals - and what those have in common.

Of course it wouldn't be a Raffi album without some silly and fun songs - those are on this album too.

On this page you will find information for the music on the album, what Everything Grows by Raffi music formats are available and you can listen to some free samples of music and/or download music right here from this page!

Everything Grows by Raffi - The Music:Music Note and Compact Disk

The song, "Everything Grows" by Raffi has it's own special message for children - how all things alive grow and how all life forms have this in common. The song, "Just Like the Sun" also carries a message about the earth, the sun and how parts of nature interact and how beautiful and precious those things are for us.

There are some other absolutely delightful songs on this album including "Teddy Bear Hug", "Let's Make Some Noise" and "Ha Ha Thisaway" that are pure and simple fun for kids and can get them singing along and dancing in no time.

There are 15 songs in all on the Everything Grows by Raffi album - you can sample them to see what they sound like right here from this page.
Everything Grows by Raffi Book
Everything Grows by Raffi - Products:

The album, "Everything Grows" by Raffi is available in a couple of music formats including CD format and MP3 Download.

There is also a book titled "Everything Grows" that has illustrations and words to go along with the song. (The book comes with a CD with that song on it.) That book is available from Amazon.com.

Everything Grows by Raffi on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples / Download Music:

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  • Click on any song to listen to a piece of it

  • If you want to download any song, click on the link to the right of it to take you directly to Amazon MP3

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