January 25, 2009

Raffi Quiet Time Album

Raffi Quiet Time Album Cover
Raffi Quiet Time is the perfect children's album for the end of the day, and as the subtitle states the album contains "songs for a pause, a cuddle or a nap".

The songs on this album seem to be geared to slow things down when the time is right and children love them. Even though the songs are basically all for this purpose, each song is unique and beautiful in itself.

Raffi Quiet Time is a collection of lullabye-style songs from various other Raffi albums and is one of the most popular albums in the entire Raffi collection.

Raffi Quiet Time - The Music
Musical Notes

The music from the Raffi Quiet Time album is a lovely mix of Raffi original songs (such as "Douglas Mountain", "Like Me and You" and "Baby Dear") and traditional "lullaby-ish" songs (such as "Nursery Rhyme Instrumental" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") that are even more beautiful and sweet when performed by Raffi.

Raffi Quiet Time is available on either MP3 Download or CD format. (If you would like to listen to pieces of the songs on this album, check out the information on how to do that just below.)

Raffi Quiet Time Album on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples / Download Music:
  • Click the big arrow in the middle to start the player

  • Click on any song to listen to a piece of it

  • If you want to download any song, click on the link to the right of it to take you directly to Amazon MP3

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