January 25, 2009

Raffi More Singable Songs Album

Raffi More Singable Songs Album CoverThe Raffi More Singable Songs album is a follow-up to the Raffi Singable Songs for the Very Young Collection - but is a beautiful and unique children's album in it's own right.

Like "Singable Songs for the Very Young" this album is created with very young children in mind with songs that are simple to learn and sing along with - and at the same time the music is some of the most beautifully written and performed music that I've ever heard for children.

There are a few different types of products associated with the Raffi More Singable Songs album including the music in various formats as well as a fun children's "Songs to Read" book that is perfect when paired with the music - or not.

Raffi More Singable Songs - The Music:Colorful Musical Note

Children can laugh, sing and dance to some very uplifting and fun songs on Raffi More Singable Songs such as "New River Train", "Six Little Ducks" and the darling song, "Shake My Sillies Out".

Other songs have a slightly different tone to them, such as a country-style song, "Listen to the Horses" with a "clippety clop" rhythm to it, kids can enjoy some real-life ragtime music with "Junior Ragtime" - and be lulled to sleep with one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard, "Douglas Mountain".

It is clear that Raffi takes great care with his music for children to ensure that it is some of the most beautiful and artistic music out there, all the while maintaining a level of simplicity that makes the music easy to learn and have fun with for kids. This is most definitely the case with Raffi More Singable Songs.

Great album!
Raffi Shake My Sillies Out BookRaffi More Singable Songs - Products:

The Raffi More Singable Songs album is available in MP3 downloadformat as well as on CD. With the MP3 format either the entire album or single songs can be downloaded.


As a note, there is a special album that's been released since this one that has both "Singable Songs" albums (plus another one) on it called the "The Singable Songs Collection" - it has 53 songs total, and includes all music from the following albums:

> Raffi Singable Songs for the Very Young Album
> Raffi More Singable Songs - and...
> Corner Grocery Store

There is also a darling "Raffi Songs to Read" book titled, Shake My Sillies Out that can accompany that song on the album with illustrations and lyrics to the song. (That book has consistently gotten rave reviews and is a great book with or without the music.)

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