January 24, 2009

Raffi Baby Beluga - One of the Most Loved Kids Music Albums in History

Raffi Baby Beluga AlbumRaffi Baby Beluga is the most popular Raffi Music album for kids - it's also one of the most popular children's albums of all time. A true classic.

The main song, "Baby Beluga" is about a baby beluga whale who lives and is taken care of by it's mother. The message goes a bit beyond a "cute little song" and can truly captivate listeners (of all ages) - it can be just as much an exercise in imagination as it is in musical enjoyment.

There is also a subtle message with this album regarding the overall natural beautiful life in the world, how precious that is and how important it is that we take care of it.

These are some great lessons for children (actually anyone) to learn.

Raffi Baby Beluga Songs:

The songs on the Raffi Baby Beluga albumBeluga Whales Swimming range from silly and fun to singing and thinking about the importances in life - and it does this with a rather joyful and fun tone instead of an overly-serious one. The songs are all precious, and are geared toward children. They "speak" to children in a way that only Raffi can.

Raffi Baby Beluga Music and Books:

Raffi Baby Beluga
is readily available in a couple of musical formats - MP3 downloads and CD. It can also be found on audiocassette. There is another product associated with this album - a "Raffi Songs to Read" book, which contains the lyrics to the Baby Beluga song along with illustrations and reads just like a children's book - very sweet.

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Raffi Baby Beluga on MP3 - Listen to Free Samples:
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